When we talk about a lifestyle, we’re usually trying to describe a person’s – or an entire culture’s – behaviors, opinions and interests. We’re trying to put them into a box, so we can figure them out. She has a lavish lifestyle. A simple lifestyle. A hippie lifestyle. An adventurous lifestyle.

However, when we use the term lifestyle, we’re not worried about boxes or stereotypes or differences. It’s about all the ways we live in our lives, not how those lives may appear to someone else. It’s about professional challenges and personal choices. It’s about fashion and beauty, and the times when we could care less about either. It’s about cooking and entertaining and binge watching Netflix. At the Ladies of Birch, our lifestyle section is all about the day to day details – from the mundane to the frustrating to the planned to the beautiful.

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Movement. The increased heart rate. The tense muscles. The clear mind. The focus. Exercise is a huge part of our health – from our mental wellbeing to our physiological chemistry – and huge part of what it means to be human.

Food is our fuel. Without it, our bodies simply don’t work. It’s also an emotional part of who we are. We bake goods to show we care, and we treat ourselves to ice cream when we’ve accomplished something. Food keeps us alive, and can kills us. We have very complicated relationships with food.

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Without our health, nothing else matters. Certainly, health is impacted by many things – our genetics, our environment, our social system, our healthcare system, and our behaviors. Here, we’ll tackle a few of the many issues, including movement and food, that impact our health.

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There is something freeing about being away from the familiar. Traveling is adventurous and exciting and relaxing. Some describe it as wanderlust, though we think that’s too cliche.

It’s a way to escape from who we are, and grow into who we want to be. It’s romantic and overrated, all in one little travel-sized container. Where are going? Better yet, let’s talk about where we’ve been.

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