There is this incredible website called Cabin Porn. It’s exactly what it’s name says, porn, but of cabins. It’s not sexual, at all. Totally safe for work. Well, kind of. You might completely lose motivation to be at work and instead start plotting a way to run a way and live in any of the cabins, but other than that it’s perfectly safe for work.

It’s just picture after picture after picture of these lone cabins, from all over the world. Some of the cabins are amazing because of their architecture, others because of their surroundings, each representing an incredible idea. The idea that you can escape this busy, routine world and go somewhere simpler. Somewhere beautiful. Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere quite. Sounds like the perfect daydream, right?


cabin near Preikestolen, in Norway

Years ago I worked at a summer camp in North Carolina. One night, over this huge campfire, one of the camp directors read a passage – a poem – from the book Shouting at the Sky by Gary Ferguson. Of all things, over all the years, this poem has always stuck with me. I even bought the book, tore out the page with the poem, framed it and hung it in my cubical. This is my poem, and I am not a poem person. Because, I feel like the poem is describing part of me. A part of me that even I barely understand.

Here is where you have found your long-lost
precious self that the madness took away. 
You will leave a part of yourself here,
but you will take all the hope in the world with you.
So when you get back to those people
who talk big in large rooms, you will know this:
You have been silent in places too beautiful for words.
– Gary Ferguson

Maybe, in a world where we feel like we need to have everything and be everything to everyone all the time, the most amazing thing we can daydream about is the thing the represents the exact opposite of it all.

In world where we try to be big and powerful and superior, maybe we really just want to feel small and simple. Maybe instead having to save the world with our jobs and ambition and success, maybe we just want to feel like we’re a part of the world.

Maybe deep down we still know that it doesn’t matter if our lives are always perfectly curated and Instagram worthy. Maybe when we say we want it all, all we really want is to loose touch with “it all”. To forgot how demanding and stressful and unachievable it all really is.

Maybe our world is so complex and so constant that the only way to find freedom is to drastically simplify, to escape the madness – maybe to a lone cabin in the woods – where we can be ourselves, free from it all. After all, freedom is truly a simple idea, so why do we expect to find it in such complicated spaces?

Oh, what a daydream.

Let's talk about it, shall we?

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