I love calendars. Specifically, I love new calendars for new years. They represent such a lovely fresh start, I just can’t even. Right now my 2017 planner is sitting on my desk, and I often open it just for fun. It’s so clean and fresh and full of opportunities – all the things that will happen, all the future accomplishments! I know, I am such a nerd.

Plus, calendars are key for planning. Key. Should we talk about how much I love planning? Probably not.

In my office, I have a three-month calendar hanging on the wall and one three page (four months per page) print out. Plus, I use my outlook calendar and google calendar constantly. Oh, and then there’s my paper day planner that I carry everywhere with me during the ‘ol 9 to 5. Like I said, I love calendars. I actually can’t imagine a world without a calendar. I wonder that would be like. I’m going to meditate on that idea.

Anyways, I love using the print out calendar to look at the full year in one pretty little package. I use it to cross-out days and mark vacations, helping understand what work needs to take place when. It’s great, AND, I’m going to share these lovely creations with you all! For free – for personal use, of course!!

Ladies of Birch 2017 Calendar - Free for personal use !

See? So cute.

Download the Free 2017 Month Calendar –  One Page, One Month

Download the Free 2017 Month Calendar-  One Page, Four Months

What do you think?! This is the first time I’ve created my own calendar, so I would love your feedback!

Let's talk about it, shall we?

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