Founded in 2016, the Ladies of Birch is lifestyle blog with a fitness focus and a travel obsession. At Ladies of Birch, we embrace the hard, sweaty grind with ladylike elegance.

We power-clean with the boys, and host cocktail parties like the duchess. We never leave the house without a decent sports bra and a pairs of heels, and we’re disappointed if we don’t need both.

Ladies of Birch is intended to inspire and challenge its readers. Ladies of Birch balances serious issues with daily pleasures, addressing everything from health to homemaking, careers to beauty, all with a heavy dose of sarcasm and humor.


Kelly, the founder of Ladies of Birch, is a compulsive planner, obsessive health promoter, classic sorority girl, outdoor enthusiast and fourth generation Colorado native with a southern accent. A late twenty-something, Kelly splits her time between Denver and Vail, living with her husband (Scott) and their adorable bundle of fur (Sully).

Professionally, Kelly is a Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion from Colorado State University and a Master of Public Health in Health Systems Management and Policy from the Colorado School of Public Health. Kelly brings experience in fitness, obesity prevention and treatment, positive body image, public health and human performance research to her work at the Ladies of Birch. Kelly currently works at a local public health agency.

Let's talk about it, shall we?

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