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Do Not Ask If…

Seriously, you probably do not really want to ask if we’re trying to get pregnant. Before we started trying to get pregnant, I would get annoyed when people asked if my husband and I were trying. However, after we started trying, the question became an interesting exercise in emotional self control. The truthful answer would have been to say that yes, yes we are … Read More Do Not Ask If…


The Holiday Questions

I love, love, love the holidays – but sometimes they drive me to drink. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but the holidays have begun. Starbucks just released their holidays cups (or, did they?), my email is full of holiday promotions and the mall is basically completely decorated for Christmas. It’s the first week in November. My husband will spend the next three weeks … Read More The Holiday Questions



Ah, the newlywed’s least favorite question. So, when are you going to start trying?!?! I got asked this question at work pretty much immediately after returning from my honeymoon. While my sweet coworkers were probably just curious, I was horrified – since when was it appropriate to ask about my sex life in the workplace? I don’t have much of a filter so I … Read More Trying