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Lunges for Ski Conditioning

Ladies and gentlemen, Colorado ski season in well underway. If you’re like me, that means you’ve already been on the ski slopes this year, and you’ve already experienced the complete leg exhaustion that comes with skipping leg day a few too many times. Do not worry, it’s not too late. You can start working in some ski conditioning exercises, and it will make a … Read More Lunges for Ski Conditioning


Ski Conditioning at Your Desk

I’m one of those twitchy people that can’t sit still to save my life. I’m also one of those people who is obsessed with the mountains, and with skiing. Alright, I take it back. I’m not obsessed, obsessed like some people. I still fall safely into the weekend warrior category, barely getting in 10 days a season. I have prioritized my career (and my … Read More Ski Conditioning at Your Desk

Slip & Fall

Originally posted in 2014.  I’ll be honest; I stumbled through Halloween this year. Instead of gracefully gliding past all that ridiculous Halloween candy this year, I slipped, overindulged and made myself sick. Not sick to my stomach sick, sick like my immune system gave into a silly cold that left me slightly congested and exhausted for a week. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even worth it. … Read More Slip & Fall