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Gluten & Me

When I tell people that I am gluten-free, pretty much everyone asks why. It’s a fair question. Many people are trying a gluten-free diet for a variety of reasons, from treating celiac disease to copying Gwyneth Paltrow. For me, it’s because I have a self-diagnosed gluten intolerance, which I feel I have to explain. My answer usually spills out as a rambling version of … Read More Gluten & Me

Slip & Fall

Originally posted in 2014.  I’ll be honest; I stumbled through Halloween this year. Instead of gracefully gliding past all that ridiculous Halloween candy this year, I slipped, overindulged and made myself sick. Not sick to my stomach sick, sick like my immune system gave into a silly cold that left me slightly congested and exhausted for a week. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even worth it. … Read More Slip & Fall


Satiety, Satiation & How to Stop Counting Calories

At a work party earlier this summer I brought homemade salsa (paleo, vegan, so on) and a bag of Simple Truth’s Root Vegetable Chips. One of my co-workers quickly grabbed the bag to see how healthy the “paleo” chips were compared to the potato chips she had brought. I wasn’t surprised when she compared the calories and delightfully declared that her chips had “significantly” less … Read More Satiety, Satiation & How to Stop Counting Calories