Do Not Ask If…

Seriously, you probably do not really want to ask if we’re trying to get pregnant.

Before we started trying to get pregnant, I would get annoyed when people asked if my husband and I were trying. However, after we started trying, the question became an interesting exercise in emotional self control. The truthful answer would have been to say that yes, yes we are trying and we obviously have not been successful yet so I am also trying to to do everything in my power to forget that we are trying so that I can somehow continue to live my life like normal despite feeling like my entire future is stuck in limbo as we just wait and wait and wait and your question, you question was meant to be casual and maybe a bit nosey but having to think about this all while pretending like it’s not a big deal takes so much emotional control that I think I might explode. Obviously, I never gave the truthful answer. Continue reading “Do Not Ask If…”

Equal Pay Day and Unpaid Labor


Happy Equal Pay Day!! Equal Pay Day marks how far into 2017 women have to work (on average) to earn what men earned in 2017. To celebrate, I am going to share a story. Continue reading “Equal Pay Day and Unpaid Labor”

Gluten & Me

When I tell people that I am gluten-free, pretty much everyone asks why. It’s a fair question.

Many people are trying a gluten-free diet for a variety of reasons, from treating celiac disease to copying Gwyneth Paltrow. For me, it’s because I have a self-diagnosed gluten intolerance, which I feel I have to explain. My answer usually spills out as a rambling version of what you’re about to read. Basically, all this is what I would say if I spoke as well as I think I write. Continue reading “Gluten & Me”


Lunges for Ski Conditioning

Ladies and gentlemen, Colorado ski season in well underway. If you’re like me, that means you’ve already been on the ski slopes this year, and you’ve already experienced the complete leg exhaustion that comes with skipping leg day a few too many times. Do not worry, it’s not too late. You can start working in some ski conditioning exercises, and it will make a world of a difference. Trust me, being in ski shape will make a huge difference in your season (regardless of if your snow prayers are answered).

Skiing involves four mains skills that we can train for; muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and agility and balance. While skiing does incorporate most muscles, it primarily works the legs and core (unless you’re cross county skiing, then you’ll incorporate the arms too). By focusing on training these skills and muscles, we can condition ourselves for the season! To help you prepare, here is one exercise (the lunge) that you should incorporate into your workout routine. Continue reading “Lunges for Ski Conditioning”


Ski Conditioning at Your Desk

I’m one of those twitchy people that can’t sit still to save my life. I’m also one of those people who is obsessed with the mountains, and with skiing. Alright, I take it back. I’m not obsessed, obsessed like some people. I still fall safely into the weekend warrior category, barely getting in 10 days a season. I have prioritized my career (and my husband’s career, and our savings account) over the free-spirited ski-bum lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I often daydream about packing everything up for a small mountain cabin. I imagine I’d work at the local coffee shop, perfectly happy with my minimum wage job because all I really need was snow (don’t ask how I afforded my mountain cabin, ski pass, or car payment). It’s all very romantic, exotic and impossible at the same time, which is absolutely ridiculous because it’s a perfectly accessible lifestyle that my sister lives. Yet, here I am, still the weekend warrior with the 8-5 desk job, savings account and mountain daydreams. Continue reading “Ski Conditioning at Your Desk”


A Year in Review: 2016

Wholly hell, how is it that 2016 is already over? This year seemed like the slowest year, and yet I have no idea how it is already coming to an end. It’s so cliche, by time flies.  Continue reading “A Year in Review: 2016”

Slip & Fall

Originally posted in 2014. 

I’ll be honest; I stumbled through Halloween this year. Instead of gracefully gliding past all that ridiculous Halloween candy this year, I slipped, overindulged and made myself sick. Not sick to my stomach sick, sick like my immune system gave into a silly cold that left me slightly congested and exhausted for a week.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t even worth it. The candy I did eat wasn’t delicious. It tasted over processed and over sweetened. Each time I’d cram the processed sugar into my mouth, wanting the experience to be over as soon as I decided to give into it, but unable to stop. Not only did it taste awful, I felt guilty. I gave in, I knew I gave in and I wasn’t happy about it. Continue reading “Slip & Fall”


2017 Printable Calendar

I love calendars. Specifically, I love new calendars for new years. They represent such a lovely fresh start, I just can’t even. Right now my 2017 planner is sitting on my desk, and I often open it just for fun. It’s so clean and fresh and full of opportunities – all the things that will happen, all the future accomplishments! I know, I am such a nerd.

Plus, calendars are key for planning. Key. Should we talk about how much I love planning? Probably not. Continue reading “2017 Printable Calendar”

Dear Hillary

Let me start with the polarizing part of all this. This is not about the election. This it not about politics. That said, let’s get all that out of the way before you jump to some conclusions about the intent of this.

I did not vote for Hilary Clinton. I did not vote for Donald Trump. I did vote for Gary Johnson, a vote I cast knowing full well that Johnson had zero chance of becoming president. Further, I didn’t vote for Johnson because I wanted him to be president – frankly I didn’t – I voted for him because, based on my values, I knew I had to vote. It’s a right that I refuse to take for granted. I also knew – again, based on my values and my political views – that I could not vote for either Clinton or Trump. Frankly, I didn’t vote for Clinton because I disagree with her political views. I – like most women – don’t have the luxury to vote based on gender. I didn’t vote for Trump because the way he conducted himself, and many of the views he expressed did not align with my values. I voted for Johnson to vote against Trump and Hillary, and to express my dislike for the two party system. Period. 

Alright. Can we calmly move past that? Because, like I said, I’m not writing this to talk my political preferences. This isn’t about why I didn’t vote for Clinton. This isn’t about Clinton’s qualifications. This definitely isn’t about Trump. Let me say that again. I’m not writing this about the election, or as a critique of a candidate. We’ve seen so much of that this week, and it’s so exhausting. And, really, that’s all a very different conversation. I’m writing this because it’s something personal that I just have to get it off my chest, so I can move forward. This is about me.

Dear Mrs. Clinton, Continue reading “Dear Hillary”


It’s been an interesting 36 hours since the country selected it’s next president, concluding a fairly awful 18 month long presidential race. I felt like we – collectively – were going to lose no matter which candidate was selected. I’ve thought a lot about what our collective future, and my person future, looks like today and how that future is different from last week. I’ve also thought a lot about how to best express those feelings.

But first, I’m not trying to get into the actual politics of the situation – that’s just not want I’m trying to talk about today, there will be plenty of time for that later – but if you’re in a place where you need to deal with that, then this article is actually fantastic. If you’re not sure where to go from here, maybe give it a read. Alright… back to today’s concerns.


On one hand, it feels like so many people are sharing so many different feelings, I feel compelled to join in. One the other hand, all that sharing is really just shouting – the same shouting that I’ve found made this political race so awful. There seems to be no civil discussion, no conversations, no communication. There’s no compassion – from either side. Just, shouting. You’re awful. You’re stupid. You’re hateful. You’re a disgrace. 


I feel lucky. I have friends and family and co-workers that feel strongly about both sides of the political spectrum. I feel lucky that I get to hear from both sides, what they think, what feel, what they fear. Unfortunately. there is so much anger – on both sides. There is so much fear – on both sides. There is so much misunderstanding – on both sides.


This week marked a change. A choice, and a new future. I want to feel optimistic, but I feel scared. I don’t feel scared about the policies that will come down from the big offices thousands of miles away – though certainly, those changes will come and those changes will impact me. But today, today I feel scared that we will never come together again. I feel scared that we will never be hopeful together again. We will never feel safe around the people who disagree with us. We will never have conversations, we will only continue to shout at each other. Truthfully, I feel scared that our division will end our world as we know it.


However, all I can do is control my choices, my words, my thoughts, my actions. I can stay hopefully, even if this wasn’t the path I thought we’d be taking. I can focus on my values. I can focus on my actions. I can focus on me. And I can making sure I’m not just shouting into the world.


So today, I am grateful. I am grateful for my family, and my friends. I am grateful for my career. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for the person I am, and I am grateful that I know I love myself. I am grateful that today, I don’t have whatever awful cold seems to be circulating around the office. Tomorrow? I’ll do tomorrow, tomorrow.