Cartagena was my first trip to South American, and it was truly incredible. Before, I thought South America was full of dirt roads and crumbling buildings, tribes hiding in the Amazon and poverty. Lots, and lots of poverty. So when a friend, a Colombian native, insisted that Cartagena was a classy city, I barely believed her. I remember running through synonyms for “classy” with her, trying to confirm that she has simply selected the wrong word. My gosh, I was so wrong.


We spent six nights in Cartagena, running between the walled city and our hotel on the beach. The walled city reminded me a bit of New Orleans, except that Cartagena is clean and healthy and sophisticated. If New Orleans is drunk then Cartagena is classy.  If New Orleans is deep fried then Cartagena is fresh and organic.

The walled city was old and historical and beautiful and alive. Everywhere, there were amazing flowers hanging down from brightly colored balconies, balconies that were hanging from brightly colored walls. I’ve never seen so many colors in a city.



We were in Cartagena for a wedding, so we experienced a rehearsal dinner and a wedding in the beautiful city.



Will we go back? Absolutely.

Let's talk about it, shall we?

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