Project Type: North American



Vail is like a second home. It was the first place I lived as an adult, outside of my college town, and every time I drop down into the valley from the pass it feels like I am home. Which, these days is more true that not. My husband has worked in Vail for years, off and and on, and I spend most weekends in the valley. The locals always say they come for the winter, but they stay for the summer and that is so true. Let me tell you about this place, this home.


Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is beautiful. But, like many things that are beautiful, there’s not much substance to Playa. What Playa lacks (or has forgotten, lost between the Starbucks and billboards) in culture and history is made up for in white sands and blue salt water and well decorated resorts. Go to Playa to lay on the beach and nap by the pool, but don’t stay too long. There are such better places.



Cabo is by far my favorite Mexican destination. It’s dry and warm and salty and feels like California, but you can still get amazing tacos and bargain in Spanish with the locals. It’s safe and authentic in the way all weekend getaways should be.